Archie Rhodes is the star character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! DR series. Archie's deck is filled up with Galespire cards, and his trump card, Guardian of the Light Helios Ultimatum

Age 18
Decktype Galespire/Miracle
Signiature Card Guardian of the Light Helios Ultimatum
Archie Rhodes

Bio Edit

Season 1 Edit

Archie's parents were killed by the Shadow Army so he was fostered by the Robinsons. When he finds this out, he runs away to try and get the Shadow Army to pay for what they did. Archie becomes a Keeper and gets a Keeper mark when a myserious man gives Archie his Guardian card, Helios. He duels Johnny afterwards, and a tornado sends him to a mysterious island. There, he duels the man who gave him his Guardian for practice. Later, he duels the leader of the Shadow Army, who turns out to be his brother Alex Rhodes.

Deck Edit

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Archie's deck uses an archetype of cards named Galespires. Which started their release in Colossal Nightmare.